ANS/CA Information

History of the ANS/CA

The first Nepali get-together was organized by Veda Joshi on March 17, 1973 at Chevron Employee Clubhouse in El Segundo, with the support and cooperation of late Dr. Merrill and late Betsy Goodall, late Carle and late Irene Coler, late Clair and late Eleanor Weeks, Dale Vrabec, late Henry and late Dede Hilton, Nick and Betsy Clinch, Dick and Gloria Davis, late Profulla Mondel, late B.C. and late Margaret Choudhari, Ron Ranson, Shambhu and Bimala Kayastha, Barry Silver and Chitra Chakroborty, late Myron and Carmon Davis, and late Kyana Joshi.
On October 27, 1973, at another Nepali meeting at the same clubhouse, the California chapter of the America-Nepal Society, first founded in Washington, D.C., was born.  Veda Joshi was elected as the first founder President.
On January 16, 1982, a general membership meeting approved two motions: 1) The society would become incorporated; and 2) the establishment of a scholarship fund to be called the Betsy Goodall Scholarship Fund.  On March 19, 1982, the Society was incorporated as a charitable, nonprofit organization, henceforth known as the America-Nepal Society of California, Inc.

The Betsy Goodall Scholarship Fund

As a means to help needy people in Nepal, the Betsy & Merrill Goodall Scholarship Fund makes available financial aid for economically disadvantaged but intelligent Nepali women to enable them to pursue college level education in Nepal.

The fund was named in memory of Betsy Goodall, who along with her husband, was a staunch supporter of Nepal, and was often like a surrogate mother to many lonely Nepali students in Los Angeles. The first scholarship grants were awarded to two Nepali women in 1984 academic year through the generosity of many members and non-members, and have continued to this date. Only the interest from the fund is used for the grants. No withdrawals are made from the principal amount.

In July 2002, after a lifetime's worth of contributions to Nepalese people, Dr. Merrill Goodall passed away. In his memory, the Fund's name was changed to the Betsy & Merrill Goodall Scholarship Fund.


 Veda & Kyana Joshi Scholarship Fund

ANS/CA created a scholarship fund in honor of its founding president, Veda Joshi and his wife Kyana. A principal sum of $100,000 in stock has been donated by his children for the establishment of a scholarship fund for underprivileged Nepali college students studying in Nepal. This fund will stand as a sibling to the Betsy & Merrill Goodall Scholarship Fund (B/MGSF). As in the B/MGSF, the principal sum will be invested and distributions will be made only from the interest income. This ensures a living, self-supporting fund.

The fund supported 15 students in the beginning and is open to both men and women. With the addition of this fund, ANS/CA was funding 20 scholars in the 2000 in Nepal.

One of ANS/CA's purposes, as defined in the Articles of Incorporation, is to 'promote educational opportunities for economically and/or educationally disadvantaged persons' in Nepal. The ANS/CA-Veda & Kyana Joshi Scholarship Fund helps the society continue to fulfill its purpose and goals on a larger scale. This was a major milestone in ANS/CA's history and will hopefully inspire others to support the continued growth of this charitable organization and the benefits it provides.


Emergency Relief Fund

In 1994, after a major earthquake struck Nepal devastating parts of the country, ANS/CA created an Emergency Relief Fund and sent donations to Nepal to help those who had been affected by this traumatic event. At that time, the ANS/CA president Kiran Joshi, set the goal of maintaining $1000 in this fund at all times so that ANS/CA can respond rapidly to future natural disasters.

In 2002, ANS/CA established an account in Nepal with the Nepal Red Cross Society-Lalitpur Chapter, (NRCS-ANSCA Relief Fund) so that it can respond to natural disasters more rapidly. We have donated a total of $3,830.00 in this fund. The first distribution of Rs.50,001/-NC from this fund was sent to Myanglung to help many Nepalese people, made homeless when the village was ravaged by fire. Second distribution was Rs.25,001/-NC to the fire victims of Taplejung and the third distribution of Rs. 50.001/-NC to Tsunami Victims and the fourth distribution of Rs. 50,000.0/-NC to support the flood victims.


Other Information and Activities

Other than celebrating Nepali New Year’s Day, Dashain, Camping and Picnic, ANS/CA has also been involved in other activities.  It had sent clothing to the Banepa branch of the Nepal Red Cross Society.  Members contributed towards the earthquake relief fund for Nepal in 1980 and 1989.  Members have also helped establish two other memorial funds - The Majendra Memorial Fund ($8,160.00 in 1989), and The Shrestha's Children Fund ($1,405.00 in 1991). 

    In 2012:    To help late Bir Bahadur Pun’s Family                                      $1001.00

    In 2011:     Japan Disaster Relief Fund thru NRNNCC                              $1,652.00
                      Roshan Bhandari Fund                                                                $976.00

    In 2009:    Bir Bahadur Pun (for Hospitalization)                                         $1,042.00
                      LateGandhari Fund:                                                                      $225.00
                      Prime Minister Relief Fund in Nepal                                              $400.00
    In 2007      Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur Chapter                                    $770.00

    In 2005      Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur Chapter                                 $1,030.00

    In 2004      Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur Chapter                                     $500.00

    In 2003      Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur Chapter                                     $600.00

    In 2002      Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur Chapter                                     $1000.00

    In 1998      Late Bhoj Gurung Fund ($300 from NANC)                                     $825.00
                      Late Bal Ram Shrestha Memorial Fund                                           $500.00

Quarterly gatherings and special meetings bring members and guests together.  Our quarterly newsletters (now three times a year) inform the members and friends of Nepal about the activities of the Society and are a source of current news from Nepal.

The Society has served many members and non-members as an information center and has provided visa forms and passport renewal application forms.